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Oh man, my friend Molly and I just got the first four issues of Lumberjanes and, well… let’s just say we are very down with this series. Like, exceedingly down with this series.

If you have been dying for a fun lady-centric comic filled with friendship and adventure GET THEE TO A COMIC SHOP IMMEDIATELY.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my good friends Vivian and Andrew last month— by now I think it has become a rule that whenever I see them I have to draw random comics about them.

Drawings of my mom and brother from my trip to Amsterdam! Unlike what these pictures suggest, we actually did more than eat and drink. 

Work comix(This kid was really serious about it)
Nature is neat. My watercolors are rusty.
(diary comic from a couple weeks ago when a friend was visiting town)

A post to show I’m not dead. Sorry about the lack of activity around here, this past month has just been really busy with work. Luckily I sometimes manage to sneak in some drawing on the job, so here, have a sketch dump from work.

(There’s some Monster-Pulse fanart stuck in there— it’s a good webcomic, you should read it!)

Skype comix
Spotted last week during lunch… You do you, little girl, you do you.(But no, actually, this girl was kind of fabulous. After we saw her briefly do this she just wandered around with her rag-bunny, not giving a damn and talking to the bunny and herself because no one was supervising her.)

Aaaand more sketchbook stuff, this time from cat-sitting last week with my friend Edith.


More of my sketchbook— a smattering of people I drew in cafes, plus my dad (reading in a cafe)

Sorry for the lull in posting here— I haven’t been doing too much finished stuff, but I have been trying to keep up my sketchbook more.

I went out to coffee with my friend and issued the challenge of drawing each other straight to pen, no pencil guidelines. I lamented that I could only seem to draw her looking disgruntled or as if she were 12. She lamented being jittery on caffeine and drawing me with frog fingers and weirdly spaced eyes. It was actually really fun.

"JOAN: … I will take those forts.
DUNOIS: Not a man will follow you.
JOAN: I will not look back to see whether anyone is following me.
DUNOIS: (recognizing her mettle, and clapping her heartily on the shoulder) Good. You have the makings of solider in you. You are in love with war.
JOAN: (startled) Oh! And the Archbishop said I was in love with religion.”
- “Saint Joan,” George Bernard Shaw

Joan and her loves. I’d argue Dunois should be included here, but we’ll ignore that for now. Hope everyone’s had a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh, and hello to new followers! I’m glad to have you!